Visibilising Anti Blackness in our Workplaces

Visibilising Anti Blackness in our Workplaces

Webinar Summary

It’s been three years since the summer of 2020 where organisations pledged their commitment to the Black Lives Matter cause and brought conversations about systemic racism into the workplace. Now in 2023, many of those same organisations have moved on. We’re here to say, ‘what’s next?’. What could have happened in our organisations since then and what is still possible? workplace.

In this webinar, Fearless Futures discusses what your organisation should consider to create long-term equity for Black employees rooted in analysing what is the experience for Black employees today, three years later.

During this webinar, we share:

  • Ways in which anti-blackness shows up in our recruitment practices
  • How to decide what to incorporate specific training of anti-black racism in your learning and development training
  • How to champion intersectionality while becoming an anti-racist organisation

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