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We Are Fearless

Whether igniting our transformative learning journey or collaborating closely in our consultancy, Fearless Futures stands boldly, analysing the roots of inequities unapologetically. This unwavering stance fuels our partnerships with daring companies globally.

Whether we are delivering our transformative learning experience or working with you in our consultancy capacity we are FEARLESS and unapologetic in our analysis of the root causes of inequities. It’s why we work with daring companies.  

This focus on the ways systems of inequities produce unequal and harmful outcomes for marginalised groups, can be uncomfortable for some. Many organisations prefer to avoid this – whether in their choice of training or in their analysisof how their policies and processes perpetuate these outcomes. It’s why so much effort that goes into ‘inclusion’ often fails. 

Rooted in technical acumen

Our Expertise

Rooted in technical acumen, our approach dissects inequities and oppression. We decipher origins, unveil organisational impacts, and meticulously design inclusive ecosystems for people, policy, and product.

Our approach is rooted in precise, technical and robust understandings of inequities and oppression: where they come from, how they show up in and shape organisations, and crucially how we can recalibrate and design inclusion and equity into the fabric of workplace ecosystems, both for people, policy and product.

Our Approach is Intersectional

Guided by Kimberlé Crenshaw’s groundbreaking framework, we decode multifaceted oppressions. From sexism to racism, our approach honours overlapping inequities, fostering holistic solutions driving real change.

The analytical framework that seeks to problem-solve at the intersection is called ‘intersectionality’, a term coined by Black feminist and legal scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989, though theorised for centuries before her. This collective theorising centres Black Women. 

Crenshaw and other Black feminists’ gift has been that this framework is now used across inequities. In our work, we use this analytical framework as we explore sexism, racisms, colonialism, Islamophobia, cissexism, heterosexism, disablism, antisemitism and classism. 

Our clients consistently find this commitment in our approach important, because it is rooted in recognisable social realities that honour the ways inequities overlap to produce particularistic outcomes for those who live at the intersections.

Whether in our training or consultancy, we centre this analysis and provide our clients with ways to incorporate this into their personal practice through training or into analyses that shapes policy, process and product re-design in service of equity. 

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Guided by Kimberlé Crenshaw's groundbreaking
Embrace transformative DEI strategies

How We Help You Develop an Inclusion & Equity Programme

Embrace transformative DEI strategies that empower leaders and policymakers. Our immersive training unveils how inequity shapes experiences, while workshops and E-Learning elevate inclusive prowess across your organisation.

A diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategy must recognise the role of leaders and policymakers. 

We offer training for company leaders to teach how systems of inequities inform people’s everyday experiences and how organisational changes that optimise for inclusion and equity can create an environment where everyone is afforded what they need to thrive. 

FEARLESS Futures also provides company-wide workshops and a new E-Learning to elevate everyone’s baseline inclusion and equity capabilities. 

The Benefits of Partnering with Fearless Futures

Precision, Depth, Individualisation: Elevate Change: We offer precise, deep, and tailored approaches, ensuring effective change. Each workshop ignites ambition, reflecting our unwavering commitment to your growth.

Beyond our unique approach to equity and inclusion that facilitates real change, with every workshop and our Consultancy, we provide:

Achieving robust change hinges on the accuracy of our equity analysis. Without precision, we risk investing time and effort into ineffective strategies. Our diverse team brings a wealth of experience and expertise, ensuring you receive practical and relevant frameworks and tools for fostering deep equity.


Accuracy in our analysis of inequities is essential for robust change. If we aren’t precise we can waste time and energy pulling the wrong lever in our ecosystem. Our team brings a myriad of experiences and expertise to ensure you have practical and applicable frameworks and tools for deep equity.


Recognising historical origins within today's inequities is central to our commitment. We provide a profound understanding, empowering learners from all backgrounds to grasp the origins, manifestations, and perpetuation of inequity. This knowledge equips them to effectively address these challenges.


In our commitment to step through discomfort, we acknowledge the historic roots that live in today’s inequities. We offer depth so learners from all walks of life can better understand where inequity comes from, how it shows up and how it is maintained, so they are equipped to tackle it.


Every company's DEI goals and requirements are unique, influenced by their starting point and commitment scale. Our equity training embraces these distinctive aspects, offering targeted guidance that caters to your team's education and support needs. The result is tangible growth across your organisation.


Every company’s DEI goals and needs will vary based on the starting point and the scale of the commitment. Our equity training addresses these unique parameters to provide the education and support your team needs for visible growth across your organisation.


Our ambition transcends boundaries. Through every workshop we lead, our drive for what's achievable shines brightly. We're not only ambitious for your success but also for our continual growth as we work together towards a more equitable future.


We are ambitious for you and for ourselves. In every workshop we lead, our ambition for what’s possible shines through.

Our Team

Our dynamic team brings diverse experiences, solidifying our position as your preferred equity partner. With Fearless Futures, exceptional quality meets transformative impact.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied


Jessamyn Fitzpatrick


Marine Galvez

Facilitator and Learning Partner

Sam Barnsley

Facilitator and Learning Partner

Roann Hassani

Facilitator and Learning Partner

Kavita Dattani

Learning Partner

Hanna Naima Mccloskey

Founder & CEO

Sara Shahvisi

Chief Learning Officer

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Director of Communications

Rubie Clarke

Director of Consultancy

Shauna Dillane

Junior Operations Manager

Choose Fearless Futures for Equity

Choose Fearless Futures for Equity and Inclusion Services

Unlock inclusive environments with Fearless Futures’ resources and learning experiences. Reach out today to shape a future optimised for deep equity.

FEARLESS Futures gives organisations the resources and learning experiences they need to create environments that optimise for deep inclusion and equity. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Solidarity Redistribution

Annually, we channel a portion of our surplus to organisations that champion those on society’s margins. This practice of “solidarity redistribution” underscores our shared commitment to confronting oppression and injustice head-on, bypassing traditional charity norms.

Over the past three years, we’ve proudly directed more than £200,000 to support the following organisations:

Each year we re-distribute a portion of our surplus to organisations working to serve people on society’s margins which are also often organisations on the margins of philanthropic and funding interests. We specifically name this as a solidarity redistribution instead of charity to acknowledge our shared commitments to challenging oppression, domination and injustice.

Over the last three years we are proud to have distributed over £200,000 equivalent to the following organisations:

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