DEI e-Learning Training

Organisational Foundation Training

Foundations to Inclusion and Equity is our new globally relevant, self-paced, cost-effective, and mobile-friendly e-Learning experience.   


Our e-Learning revolutionizes how e-Learning can happen at your organization. Gone is the boring, stale, compliance-oriented approach that’s so common. Fearless Futures’ foundational DEI training is an interactive, daring, globally relevant, accessible, and mobile-friendly learning solution for all staff. Because everyone has a right to this education.

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Our c.2hrs, self-paced, e-Learning interactively covers three areas:

Systemic inequities

Most ‘diversity and inclusion’ training focuses only on the individual. We move beyond this to provide learners with a framework to understand systemic inequities.


We introduce this concept, coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw and its power and uses in workplace settings.


We also explore equity as a core tool to disrupt and challenge inequity. We explain the difference between equality and equity; what an equitable approach means in practice and common pitfalls in applying it.

Interactive and Engaging

The video chapters are interspersed with opportunities for interactivity to check knowledge and to put the frameworks and concepts into practice so learners can take action right away. 

We use compelling visuals, animations, and archival content to bring the concepts to life and to ground learners in the histories of inequities. To build an equitable world, we need to know how we got here.

A flexible first step

Foundations to Inclusion and Equity E-Learning is a flexible first step for your organization’s inclusion and equity learning journey. It will allow you to: 

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Give Your Team the Resources to Be Fearless

At Fearless Futures, we propel your team forward. Through audit and advisory services, we can identify how your organization functions and how you can affect transformative change at scale to create a more inclusive working environment. Allow us to lead you through the structural redesign of your company, and look to our workshops and learning materials to support your shift further.  

Our educational services create comprehensive experiences with enriching lessons that deepen your team’s understanding of inequity and capacity to challenge it. Initiate these crucial conversations and address uncomfortable topics to empower your organization and step into a Fearless, more equitable future.