Frequently Asked Questions

First of all: bravo for taking this important and necessary step towards prioritising inclusion and equity! If your organisation has not engaged with inclusion-focused training before, we encourage you to think about your specific goals, such as: Who is this training for?

For example, if you are part of a large organisation and need to ensure everyone has the necessary foundational knowledge and language for equity and inclusion, our e-learning offering or our 2-hour introductory workshops might be a good fit.Another question to ask yourself is: What are some of the challenges you’re facing in building a truly inclusive organisation?

For example, if your leadership team wants to build their capacity for more effective and intentional inclusion practices, then we would recommend our Design for Inclusion programme to ensure they have the skills and tools to design inclusion and equity into their policy, products and processes.

These are some questions we ask when we start our conversations, and each organisation has different answers, which ultimately lead to different solutions. To get the best possible training option for your organisation, we invite you to either complete this form if you’re seeking company-wide learning, or send us an email to arrange a time to hop on a call with our client relationships team to discuss further.

We love this question! To get a taste of what we do, we invite you to join one of our public introductory taster workshops. These are a fantastic way to experience our approach to this work. You also get to experience our expert facilitators in real time to see how we engage in powerful exploration. You can register for a UK or a US time zone workshop by clicking below.

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We get this question a lot, and the truth is: if deep, complex, and nuanced work to challenge inequities could be achieved in a few short hours, we would do it! 

Inequity persists because it has been as normalized as the air we breathe, so developing the capacity to identify, analyze and diagnose the inequities that show up in our day-to-day within an organizational ecosystem requires a serious time commitment. 

One of the ways we can reduce the time burden of our DFI is through a hybridized e-Learning and instructor-led training model. This would cut down the DFI from five virtual days to four or from three in-person days to two.

Of course, we understand that time is not on everyone’s side, so if DFI isn’t for you, we are always open to discussing other ways we can bring our learning to you in a different way (though impact may not be entirely equal!).

If you are interested in DFI, but still on the fence about bringing this to your organization or need buy-in from key stakeholders, why don’t you buy a seat at one of our open DFIs? This will give you a more cost-effective first-hand understanding of why the time commitment is necessary to make this program impactful. Feel free to email us at hello@fearlessfutures.org for more information on when our next open DFI course will take place or follow our eventbrite or join our newsletter to stay informed.

Our highly-skilled expert facilitators masterfully deliver our unique learning content in an engaging, exploratory and highly experiential way. 

Equipped with a breadth of experience, a deep commitment to anti-oppression work, and profound intellectual skills and flexibility, our facilitators will guide you in analysing, exploring and taking action to understand and disrupt the interconnected inequities that show up across our workplaces and societies.

Our facilitators bring a wealth of expertise to Fearless Futures, with backgrounds from educating adults on toxic masculinity, decolonial thinking, and inclusive policy-making, to advocacy and research work on LGBTQIA+ justice, anti-Black racism, the intersections of inequity and health, and a wide range of other focuses.

Depending on the type of workshop, we typically require a 6-week lead time to schedule and design any of our programs. It’s worth noting this doesn’t account for bespoke work, customization, or any contracting that will inevitably take place. Feel free to email us at hello@fearlessfutures.org to discuss what is feasible in what timeframe as we may be able to exercise flexibility in our lead time. Keep in mind, that urgency may affect cost.

We offer both! We moved to offering all our programmes virtually to adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic but have since resumed offering in-person training for our longer, multi-day capacity building programmes such as Design for Inclusion (DFI) and Building Inclusive Cultures (BIC).

We offer a 20% discount across the board for charities and nonprofits – However, as no two charities have the same budget range, further discounting depends on your specific organisational budget, which programme you choose, as well as the number of cohorts. If you have a budget in mind, please let us know so we can see what we can do to offer the best possible solution for you. We want to work with organisations committed to this work. Don’t hesitate to email us at hello@fearlessfutures.org.

To uphold the confidentiality we promise our participants and protect our intellectual property, we do not record or offer recordings of our workshops. However, we do offer slide decks and post-learning resources for participants who attend. Lastly, we’re big believers in note-taking (if note-taking is available to you) as studies have shown that writing things down improves information retention. So, with that in mind, make sure you have your old-fashioned notebook or new-fangled note-taking device of choice ready when you join our programs!

Yes! You will receive the slide deck before the programme starts which you can keep to refer back to afterwards. We do request that you honour our IP by not using these slides to create your own learning experiences for others.  

For all of our programmes, we also share a robust list complete with reading, watching, and listening resources to help you continue your learning beyond Fearless Futures.

We do! This is a fantastic cost-effective option for organization-wide learning that provides a robust foundation for equity and inclusion. It also provides a brilliant opportunity to establish strong foundations for equity and inclusion that can be built upon through deep and daring workshops targeted at specific populations within the organization.

Our e-learning covers three areas: how systemic and everyday inequities are maintained and the consequences of that, what intersectionality is and its power and uses in workplace settings, along with the differences between equity and equality, and what equitable approaches mean in practice. For more information about our e-learning please go to this page.

Give Your Team the Resources to Be Fearless

At Fearless Futures, we propel your team forward. Through audit and advisory services, we can identify how your organization functions and how you can affect transformative change at scale to create a more inclusive working environment. Allow us to lead you through the structural redesign of your company, and look to our workshops and learning materials to support your shift further. 

Our educational services create comprehensive experiences with enriching lessons that deepen your team’s understanding of inequity and capacity to challenge it. Initiate these crucial conversations and address uncomfortable topics to empower your organization and step into a Fearless, more equitable future.