The Fearless Futures Podcast - Season 1

We know inclusion and equity work is really hard. This podcast will take you through a deep analysis of core topics for individuals committed to designing equity into their ecosystems for people and products. This series is hosted by our founder, Hanna Naima McCloskey (she/her). 

We love them all, but we highlight these three – our most listened to episodes! 

Podcast Episode 1: What is a System of Oppression?
Podcast Episode 2: Is Inclusion the Goal?
Podcast Episode 3: Unconscious Bias
Podcast Episode 4: Business Case Brigade
Podcast Episode 5: Relying on Representation
Podcast Episode 6: Fragility and Accountability
Podcast Episode 7: What Now?
Fearless Futures Podcast Q&A Episode 1: Dominant Groups Standing Up for Equity + People Who Are Not Ready
Fearless Futures Podcast Q&A Episode 2: Being Silenced When it Comes to Inclusion Issues
Fearless Futures Podcast Q&A Episode 3: What About Political Diversity?

The Fearless Futures Podcast - Season 2

In Season 2, Chief Relationships Officer Sable Lomax (she/her), will be in conversation with a range of leaders – so we can hear real experiences of how they are grappling and fumbling, as well as striding, towards equity in their workplaces. This season also features videos of the conversations so you can watch along too. 

Episode 1: Zooming In and Out: Inclusion Strategy Shaping Everyday Inclusion Realities Lauren Von Stackleberg, Chief Equity Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Episode 2: Shifting the Paradigm: Capacity Building for Senior Leaders with Nancy Lengthorn, Global Chief Inclusion and Culture Officer at MediaCom

Episode 3: Mobilising the Masses: Foundational Literacy as the Bedrock of Change with Zack Rubinstein, Director of Inclusion Learning & Rachel Luff, Global Inclusion Learning and Strategy Lead at Expedia

Episode 4 - Radical Communication with Christopher Miller from Ben and Jerry’s
Episode 5 - How to Build an Inclusion and Equity Team
Episode 6 - Building Equity into Our Products and Processes
Episode 8: There is No ‘I’ in ‘Us’: The Challenges of Representation
Episode 9: Leading from Behind: Inclusion and Equity through HR and Talent
Episode 10: The Work of Inner-reflection
Episode 11: The Non-linear Road to Equity

Give Your Team the Resources to Be Fearless

At Fearless Futures, we propel your team forward. Through audit and advisory services, we can identify how your organization functions and how you can affect transformative change at scale to create a more inclusive working environment. Allow us to lead you through the structural redesign of your company, and look to our workshops and learning materials to support your shift further. 

Our educational services create comprehensive experiences with enriching lessons that deepen your team’s understanding of inequity and capacity to challenge it. Initiate these crucial conversations and address uncomfortable topics to empower your organization and step into a Fearless, more equitable future.