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Design for Inclusion (DFI)

Welcome to Design for Inclusion (DFI), our impactful learning program for strategic leaders. DFI suits CPOs, heads of product, D&I leads, executives, and senior leaders driving progress.

This is our flagship and highest impact learning programme, aimed at those with a strategic responsibility for leadership including CPOs, heads of product, heads of D&I, executive teams and other senior leaders.  

Our mission? To exceed our clients' expectations.

Mission: Exceeding Expectations

We aim to surpass your expectations. Developing leaders’ inclusion capacity creates a lasting impact, optimizing resources and efforts. DFI offers a substantial approach compared to quick fixes.

DFI delves into intricate inequity design. By joining, you’re part of transformative journeys addressing complex concepts intricately woven into our world.

For every moment spent focused on leaders’ capacity building for inclusion and equity, there is a disproportionate impact on how they can mobilise people, resources and time towards specific goals, which in this case is inclusion and equity. The alternative – a short, quick fix with different participants – is a false economy. 

The ideas and phenomena we are engaging with when we speak of challenging inequities are deeply designed into our world, of which your organisation is a part.

Unseen inequity requires advanced analytical

Providing sophisticated tools and frameworks

Empowering Tools

Unseen inequity requires advanced analytical leaders. DFI empowers with tools to uncover systemic inequities’ histories and impacts to create leaders who drive equity action across ecosystems.

Unseen inequity requires advanced analytical leaders. DFI empowers with tools to uncover systemic inequities’ histories and impacts. Leaders drive equity action across ecosystems.

Involved in what makes inequity so persistent is that it has been designed to appear as normal; is mostly invisible to those who don’t experience its harm; and is everywhere.

Leaders must have sophisticated analytical capacities to visibilise the histories and outcomes of systems of inequities. Design for Inclusion, extends that analysis to provide sophisticated tools and frameworks to take action across an ecosystem that is in service of equity. 


We deliver this programme virtually and in person, in-house or as an open programme for senior leaders across companies.


DFI adapts – virtual or in-person, in-house or open programme. Flexible formats suit various leaders' preferences and schedules.


Dive Deep in 3 Days

Experience a 3-day in-person or 5-day virtual intensive. Equip leaders with skills to foster inclusivity and equity.


3 days in-person or 5 consecutive half days virtually.

Watch a review DFI Testimonial: Nancy Lengthorn, Mediacom

Watch a review DFI Testimonial: Marko Watson, TMS

DFI Testimonial

Nancy Lengthorn, she/her

Managing Partner Head of DEI & Future Talent, Mediacom

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DFI Testimonial

Mark Watson, he/him

Managing Director - International Agency Services, TMS

Quotes from our clients

"To say that my training with Fearless Futures was a transformative experience is not an exaggeration. The training exceeded everything I thought it would be and I learned so much about myself and how to be a better leader through the lens of equity. In addition to being in a space that allowed for vulnerability and truth, I was pushed beyond my comfort zone to dig deeper and better understand how bias and privilege show up in my personal and professional life. I can not thank the facilitators enough for the opportunity to be part of this training."
- Marie Roker Jones, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant
"This programme is outstanding and it is worlds away from the nonsense being taught currently. This programme should be for all D&I leaders across the globe! I feel renewed, knowledgeable, focussed, better equipped and challenged. I feel like the road will not be easy, and I don't care, because if it was easy it would have changed by now. Thank you!"
- Vanessa Johnson Burgess, Director, Availexe
"As a startup founder, the idea of giving up 3.5 days of my time isn't something I take lightly, but with ambitions to build the world's most inclusive company, I saw this as a valuable investment in myself and my company. I can honestly say it was the most transformational learning experience of my life and career. The Design for Inclusion programme was an incredibly complex, emotional and testing experience, but one I believe is utterly fundamental in order to be equipped to build a modern day business. Every founder and VC in London should be taking this programme."
- Carl Martin, Brand Communications Lead at Forward Partners and founder of Ping
"The Design For Inclusion programme is a life changer…and for the better! This programme not only helped me to revaluate all the work I’ve done in organisations to encourage Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace; the many “World Food Day’s”, celebrations of Black History Month and sheep dipping colleagues through “Unconscious Bias” training workshops; but it’s also provided me with really questioning WHY we need all of these interventions at work and what role our wider society plays. The 3.5 day course opened my eyes to how history and society has created unearned privileges and power for people of certain demographics and how each and every one of us has a role to play in challenging and shifting these power dynamics and creating a just world. The programme will not only help you rethink your Diversity and Inclusion agenda at work and help you create more impactful approaches but also, on a personal level, to rethink the power you have to make a big difference. Do not miss this opportunity to have your eyes opened!"
- Alice Cox, Financial Services Compensation Scheme
"I highly recommend the Fearless Futures “Design for Inclusion” course. Over the 3-days I gained a better understanding of my own privilege, the power of social systems, who gets marginalised and how real and relevant this remains today - in society broadly and critically within our organisations. I consider myself a well-educated and informed individual on the topic of diversity and inclusion, however this workshop challenged my preconceived ideas about how to effectively advance the inclusion agenda and deliver real outcomes. I walked away with new found insights and a deeper understanding of the more fundamental issues that need addressing. Through the workshop I feel better equipped in my role, to notice and speak to those issues and advocate for the changes that will have real and sustainable impact, not just good intent. I consider this a critical workshop for anyone in a D&I role"
- Confidential, Diversity & Inclusion Practitioner, Investment Banking
"I can’t recommend enough the Design for Inclusion workshop - I’ve come away with a renewed passion for my anti-oppression work within my company and a framework through which to tackle burning issues. The course was brilliantly facilitated and had a great range of case studies and group interactivity."
- Richard Bew, Communications Specialist at Service Express

Give Your Team the Resources to be Fearless

At Fearless Futures, we propel your team forward. Our audit and advisory services decode your organization’s dynamics, enabling transformative, scalable change for a more inclusive work environment. Let us guide your company’s structural redesign. Leverage our workshops and learning materials to enhance your shift.

Our educational services offer comprehensive, enriching experiences. Deepen your team’s grasp of inequity, fostering the capacity to challenge it. Initiate pivotal conversations, address discomfort, empower your organization, and step into a fearless, equitable future.

At FEARLESS Futures, we propel your team forward. Through audit and advisory services, we can identify how your organisation functions and how you can affect transformative change at scale to create a more inclusive working environment. Allow us to lead you through the structural redesign of your company, and look to our workshops and learning materials to support your shift further. 

Our educational services create comprehensive experiences with enriching lessons that deepen your team’s understanding of inequity and capacity to challenge it. Initiate these crucial conversations and address uncomfortable topics to empower your organisation and step into a fearless, more equitable future.