Venture Capital Firm 2022 – 2023

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We partnered with a UK-based Venture Capital firm to redesign their overarching diversity data collection framework to account for a much wider range of factors that impact organization-wide equity and inclusion strategy and objectives.

  • Applied our unique and incisive Inclusion Data design frameworks to evaluate and redesign the organization’s quantitative data collection methods, allowing them to move beyond a limited and rudimentary collection framework towards a holistic, inclusive framework.
  • We embedded holistic inclusion criteria into the data collection framework to support the company in meeting its mission to invest in founders from marginalized backgrounds and champion portfolios that support equitable investment. 
  • We redesigned all the organization’s quantitative demographic questions to ensure they are in line with fundamental equity and inclusion principles, including the social model of Disability, intersectional feminist research practices, and holistic intersectional anti-Racist strategies.
  • On delivery, we established comprehensive building blocks, next steps, and novel benchmarks to create and track progress, analyze the pipeline’s efficacy over time, and ensure the commitments to equity and inclusion materialize practically and effectively.
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