How Do DEI Practitioners Address Police Brutality?


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We are back for a second installment this week, given the moment, to provide you with additional resources.

We have compiled our essential list of 25+ dos and don’ts for D&I practitioners on our Twitter. Please read it, digest it, share it, and then crucially act with it in mind! Read the full thread now, here

All Black Lives Matter

Melz Owusu writes incisively: ‘When we consider systemic change and new world-building, we must consider the problem that remains – some black lives are still considered more valuable than others.’ The article focuses on the imperative of centering trans-black folks in our analysis and action.

White people watching

Zoé Samudzi tells us in this powerful articleWhite Witness and the Contemporary Lynching: ‘the belief that passive viewership can translate into structural justice is an idea as misguided as it is old’.  What’s more, Samudzi asks, ‘why are these videos being watched? Specifically, why do white people continue to make cases for watching them?’. Read the article here.


As we said earlier this week, there are infinite resources to engage with. The reading and listening will never end. But it MUST start. Please see the suggestions below from a range of sources.


Cite Black Women – A brilliant thread compiling a series of readings on abolition 

Stamped from the Beginning; A Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America by Ibram X Kendi

The End to Policing – Alex Vitale

The Golden Gulag – Ruth Wilson Gilmore 

Natives – Akala (a global analysis, with the UK as its starting point)

The New Jim Crow – Michelle Alexander

White Fragility – Robin Di Angelo

Resource Guide: Prisons, Policing, and Punishment – a compilation of articles from Micah Herskind


Intersectionality Matters – in light of the current context, strongly recommend starting with What Slavery Engendered: An Intersectional Look at 1619 with Kimberle Crenshaw and Dorothy Roberts

City Arts & Lectures, Powerful conversation between Angela Davis and Ibram X. Kendi 

Seeing White – about the history of race and racism, and how white people came to see themselves as white (starts with English colonialism of Eastern America) 

Justice in America – focused on the criminal justice system in the USA


This article details 12 documentaries about racism in America

Akala and David Olusoga, Striking the Empire – a conversation

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