Global Design Company 2021 – 2022

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We consulted with a 600-person Global Design Company on an international user experience research project focused on inclusively re-designing US consumers’ clothing/retail experiences.

  • We provided a historical and sociological analysis report on the Racial, Colonial, and Gendered origins of fatphobia that the Global Design Company was looking to solve.
  • This enabled the Company to expand the scope, ambition, and precision of the research in line with recommendations that include Non-Binary, Gender-Nonconforming, and Transgender people and People of Colour at the core of the UX project.
  • Designed and trained the UX research team in inclusive analytical frameworks, including best practice frameworks for deeply acknowledging positionality and privilege, redistributing power in research, and utilizing intersectionality as a research paradigm.
  • Designed inclusive communications for use across social media to recruit research participants and reach a wider range of candidates from marginalized backgrounds.
  • Facilitated targeted inclusive recruitment strategies through mapping outreach channels that achieved much greater diversity and representation of people with marginalized Genders, Ethnicities, and Racial groups into the participant pool.
  • Provided evaluation and recommendations in both 1:1 interview format, question design, group interviews, and activity design. 
  • Conducted analysis on qualitative data insights to build a Grounded Theory of how to effectively re-designing the user retail experience inclusively- including both product and service
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