Global Consumer Goods Company – 2023 – ongoing

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We designed and delivered an Equity and Inclusion Skills Questionnaire to assess the distribution, skill level patterns, and capabilities of a Global Consumer Goods Company’s DEI Council. 

  • This survey was designed to assess capabilities across three key areas necessary for effective strategy and action.
    • Understanding systemic oppressions and how they operate
    • Applying equity as a necessary approach for systemic change
    • Utilizing intersectionality as a tool and framework to disrupt systems holistically
  • We designed a highly analytical survey with questions formatted to surface foundational understanding and the capacity for action.
    • This included the extent to which team members could use equity and inclusion knowledge and skills for action in real time.
  • Our comprehensive Findings and Recommendations Report included analytical findings, data visualization, and tailored recommendations and learning journeys. These will allow the team to understand the skill and capability gaps they need to fill, along with a highly bespoke and incisive strategy on the next steps they can take to ensure they fill these.
  • Our tailored learning journey built the team’s capacity to generate a highly effective and practical governance framework that established rigorous processes for strategic alignment and progress acceleration.
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