Design for Inclusion (DFI)

For every moment spent focused on leaders’ capacity building for inclusion and equity, there is a disproportionate impact on how they can mobilise people, resources and time towards specific goals, which in this case is inclusion and equity. The alternative - a short, quick fix with different participants - is a false economy.

The ideas and phenomena we are engaging with when we speak of challenging inequities are deeply designed into our world, of which your organisation is a part.

Involved in what makes inequity so persistent is that it has been designed to appear as normal; is mostly invisible to those who don’t experience its harm; and is everywhere. Leaders must have sophisticated analytical capacities to visibilise the histories and outcomes of systems of inequities. Design for Inclusion, extends that analysis to provide sophisticated tools and frameworks to take action across an ecosystem that is in service of equity.

How: We deliver this programme virtually and in person, in-house or as an open programme for senior leaders across companies.

Duration: 3 days in-person or 5 consecutive half days virtually.