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Learning experiences are a starting point, not the end destination, when it comes to designing equity into the fabric of our company ecosystems. The depth of the learning experience determines the impact of the action that follows. Our pedagogy prioritises interactivity and participation. We design each learning episode to surface and engage participants in a crucial concept, idea, theme or dynamic. All of our programs can be delivered virtually and across time zones, and we tailor the realities of how inequities show up to the geographies in which we are working with you. We only deliver in-person for workshops that are half a day long or more.

Design for Inclusion (DFI)

This is our flagship and highest impact learning programme, aimed at those with a strategic responsibility for leadership including CPOs, heads of product, heads of D&I, executive teams and other senior leaders.

Building Inclusive Cultures (BIC)

In order to support your efforts to deeply and sustainably embed inclusion into everything your organisations are and do, we equip more of your senior managers with tools and frameworks to shape and advance equity and inclusivity across the business. Through interactive and discursive learning, participants will face and challenge their own privilege and assumptions.

Introductory Workshops

Introductory workshops begin to raise the baseline inclusion and equity literacy of participants. In these interactive sessions, participants will engage with new concepts and approaches. These workshops also include an application component that allows participants to begin to apply their new language and understanding to their working realities so they can take their inclusion skills beyond the classroom. But beware, an introductory workshop is precisely this and it alone will likely be insufficient for transformation.

Bespoke Training

Bespoke training is about delivering educational experiences tailor-made to your company. Every organisation faces different hurdles in diversity, equity and inclusion. We'll collaborate with you to determine the priority topics and staff segments to focus on as you lean into deep inclusion and equity. If you are seeking learning experiences for all of or a significant proportion of your staff in a large company, please complete this form to share your focus and aims.


Our new globally relevant, scalable, cost-effective and mobile friendly E-learning experience, Foundations to Inclusion and Equity, will be ready for release in October 2002. We empower organisations with our live facilitated workshops, but we also bring our transformational learning experiences to your favourite devices.

Public Introductory Taster Workshops

Before implementing a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programme our public taster workshops are available to allow you to discover some of the key concepts in our education. Save an individual spot and up to three spots per company at one of these taster workshops.


We engage in Consultancy with our client stakeholders who have completed Design for Inclusion to ensure alignment on analysis, language and tools so we can be in an ambitious partnership.


We offer a bespoke advisory service to support ambitious organisations embed deep inclusion across their ecosystem and create a new, bold paradigm for their people, products and services.

To create impactful, long-term, transformational change, we need to build both cultures and structures of equity and inclusion. We know both cultural change and structural building (designing policy and process areas) are complex work. To step away from how we’ve always done things we need new models, methods, processes and knowledge. We need templates and tools we can practically use to create real change. That’s what the Fearless Futures advisory service offers you.

Our unique approach is rooted in technical and intersectional understandings of inequities and oppression - where they come from, how they show up in and shape organisations, products and strategic directions and, crucially, how we can practically design equity into the fabric of organisational ecosystems.

Our experience supporting clients across sectors, industries and geographies positions us as industry leaders - designing innovative, tailored, practical solutions for problems we deeply understand.

Some of the areas we can support you in ideating, building or evaluating include:

Some of the ways we can partner with you:


Strategic design and development – With a brief from you our expert consultants design and develop comprehensive policy, processes and step-by-step guides : providing you with building blocks to instigate transformational change in your company. We prioritise understanding your unique context to ensure whatever is developed is specific to and sustainable within your company.


Critical friend support – Seeking a critical friend to review and offer guidance on your existing initiatives and strategic plans? We’re here to ask candid provocative questions that support you to challenge assumptions, identify priorities, and examine data and decisions through an intersectional lens of equity and inclusion. 


Collaboration – Our team of experts is here to collaborate with your strategic leads to take your inclusion initiatives to the next level. Working synchronously through strategic meetings and asynchronously through live documents, we harness expertise across our team and yours – supporting you to create the most equitable, practical and daring change in your context.


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Give Your Team the Resources to be Fearless

We believe in directly addressing the conversations that make us uncomfortable to create a more inclusive environment for everyone in the workplace. Our services create comprehensive educational experiences that empower your team to collaborate with one another and engage in meaningful discussion. Reach out to us today to learn more.