Our Services Include:

Virtual and in-person training programmes

First and foremost, learning experiences are the starting point not the end destination when it comes to designing equity in the fabric of our company ecosystems. The depth of the learning experience correlates with the impact of the action that follows in service of equity. When we are working in a high impact way for ecosystem change, we deliver training across all levels of the organisation, though not mandatorily nor touching every person necessarily. We offer different intensity and duration of training according to the levels of power and influence of the participants. 

Our pedagogy prioritises interactivity and participation from participants.  We design each learning episode to surface and engage participants in a crucial concept, idea, theme or dynamic. 

For example, when exploring the concept of privilege, participants engage in an activity that involves an emotional and cognitive experience that brings to the forefront their own privilege (what it is and does); the relationship they have to others within their teams; as well as the emotions and assumptions connected to these differential realities.
 From this standpoint, participants are then encouraged to critically explore the experience they have collectively shared, with the support of our facilitators. Then, participants will move on to extrapolate - to draw overarching learnings to relate them to wider occurrences outside of the classroom, in order to develop new ways of thinking and taking action in their everyday life.

Design for Inclusion (DFI)

This is our flagship and highest impact learning programme, aimed at those with a strategic responsibility for leadership: CPOs, Head of Product, Head of D&I, exec teams and other senior leaders.
Investing deeply in leadership has a disproportionate impact on designing inclusion into an organisational ecosystem.

For every moment spent focused on leaders’ capacity building for inclusion and equity, there is a disproportionate impact on how they can mobilise people, resources and time towards specific goals, which in this case is inclusion and equity. The alternative - a short, quick fix with different participants - is a false economy.

The ideas and phenomena we are engaging with when we speak of challenging inequities are deeply designed into our world, of which your organisation is a part.

Involved in what makes inequity so persistent is that it has been designed to appear as normal; is mostly invisible to those who don’t experience its harm; and is everywhere. Leaders must have sophisticated analytical capacities to visibilise the histories and outcomes of systems of inequities. Design for Inclusion, extends that analysis to provide sophisticated tools and frameworks to take action across an ecosystem that is in service of equity.

How: We deliver this programme in-house or as an open programme for senior leaders across companies, as well as in-person and virtually.

Duration: 3 days in-person (with a 2hr virtual follow up within 3 months) or 5 consecutive days virtually, 9am-1pm (with a 2hr virtual follow up within 3 months).


Building Inclusive Cultures (BIC)

In order to support your efforts to deeply and sustainably embed inclusion into everything your organisation is and does, we want to equip more of your senior managers with tools and frameworks to shape and advance equity and inclusivity across the business. Through experiential and discursive learning, participants will face and challenge their own privilege and assumptions.

The BIC programme will explore the lived realities of inequities that people experience, such that they can start to understand on a deeper and nuanced level the ways in which inequity manifests and are generated within your community. They will not only engage with the interpersonal nature of inequity but also explore some of the structural ways in which inequity operates - to considerably grow their ability to tackle this phenomenon in a sustainable and holistic fashion.

They will then use this deep understanding as a departure point to develop specific actions in reference to their leadership approach, to explore potential ways they can transform how they show up, engage in conversations around inclusion and lead their teams (and clients) for inclusion.

How: We deliver this programme in-house for leaders across companies, as well as in-person and virtually.

Duration: 2 days in-person or 4 consecutive days virtually, 9am-1pm 

Introductory Workshops

Introductory workshops raise the baseline inclusion and equity literacy of participants. In an introductory workshop, participants will engage, in an interactive way, with new concepts and approaches. These workshops also include an application component that allows participants to apply their new language and understanding to their working realities so they can take their inclusion skills beyond the classroom.

If you are interested in an introductory workshop for your whole team or wider staff community more broadly you can now book a virtual workshop directly through the site for a day and time that works for you.

While a 2 hour workshop is an important starting point - it is not the end goal and we do not want that to be lost. We use this booking approach for introductory workshops so that we can offer this at reduced cost to companies, with a focus on accessibility for smaller organisations.

We also offer public introductory workshops for individuals and for up to 3 people from a company to attend. These workshops are to see our approach in action, as talk is cheap, and also to create affordable opportunities for individuals to build their inclusion skills should they work in companies that have not yet committed to equity and inclusion. Book in to our next public introductory workshop here.

WHAT: Introductory workshops to provide baseline literacy for the whole organisation 
FOR WHO? the wider organisation 
DURATION: 2-4 hours in length 

Bespoke Training

We deliver transformative learning experiences in person and virtually beyond two hour workshops. In fact, we believe that duration of learning is a reflection of a company’s commitment for deep action to challenge inequities as well as what’s required to engage in the complexities of challenging inequities so that action is impactful after the training. If you are seeking learning experiences that are: beyond the scope of an introductory workshop or for a significant proportion of your staff in a large company then please complete the below form to share your focus and we will get back to you with more detail.


We consult with daring organisations.

We bring our powerful sociological, social science, pedagogical, historical and multidimensional anti-inequities expertise to everything we do.

We engage in consultancy with our client stakeholders who have completed Design for Inclusion to ensure alignment on analysis, language and tools so we can be in an ambitious partnership.

We partner with companies in a number of ways:

• Intersectional analyses of policies and processes in service of re-design
• Critical friend / advisor with company wide events, etc