This programme is outstanding and it is worlds away from the nonsense being taught currently. This programme should be for all D&I leaders across the globe! I feel renewed, knowledgeable, focussed, better equipped and challenged. I feel like the road will not be easy, and I don't care, because if it was easy it would have changed by now. Thank you!
Vanessa Johnson-Burgess
Director, Availaxe.
I attribute my transition from gender diversity only (leading Female Client Strategy at JPMorgan) to broader inclusion work (leading Global Inclusion & Diversity at Expedia Group) to the wake up moment I had when I first discovered Fearless Futures. The interactive learning provided me with a first-hand lens into intersectionality and the importance of building lasting solutions for all. Over the past 3 years, Fearless Futures has profoundly influenced my leadership style by providing me with frameworks for designing inclusively and reminding me of the importance of perspective-taking, slowing down, and considering not just who our systems and policies and initiatives benefit, but also and more importantly, who they might inadvertently disadvantage. Fearless Futures has helped our company focus not only on doing good, but also doing no harm. I feel more confident setting out to make the world a better place than I found it each day knowing I’m equipped with Fearless Futures frameworks of thinking, and that the Fearless Futures team is only one email or call away. Summed up, my DFI experience was life-changing, and I can’t recommend it more highly!
Lauren von Stackelberg
Global Inclusion & Diversity Leader at Expedia Group, Jan 2020
As a startup founder, the idea of giving up 3.5 days of my time isn't something I take lightly, but with ambitions to build the world's most inclusive company, I saw this as a valuable investment in myself and my company. I can honestly say it was the most transformational learning experience of my life and career. The Design for Inclusion program was an incredibly complex, emotional and testing experience, but one I believe is utterly fundamental in order to be equipped to build a modern day business. Every founder and VC in London should be taking this program
Carl Martin
Brand Communications Lead at Forward Partners and Founder of Ping
To say that my training with Fearless Futures was a transformative experience is not an exaggeration. The training exceeded everything I thought it would be and I learned so much about myself and how to be better a leader through the lens of equity. In addition to being in a safe space that allowed for vulnerability and truth, I was pushed beyond my comfort zone to dig deeper and better understand how bias and privilege show up in my personal and professional life. I can not thank the facilitators enough for the opportunity to be part of this training.
Marie Roker Jones
Diversity & Inclusion Consultant , Jan 2020
The Design For Inclusion programme is a life changer…and for the better! This programme not only helped me to revaluate all the work I’ve done in organisations to  encourage Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace; the many “World Food Day’s”, celebrations of Black History Month and sheep dipping colleagues through “Unconscious Bias” training workshops; but it’s also provided me with really questioning WHY we need all of these interventions at work and what role our wider society plays. The 3.5 day course opened my eyes to how history and society has created unearned privileges and power for people of certain demographics and how each and every one of us has a role to play in challenging and shifting these power dynamics and creating a just world. The programme will not only help you rethink your Diversity and Inclusion agenda at work and help you create more impactful approaches but also, on a personal level, to rethink the power you have to make a big difference. Do not miss this opportunity to have your eyes opened!
Alice Cox
Financial Services Compensation Scheme
Fearless Futures created a safe learning environment for all participants. This enabled me (and others) to absorb, reflect and process new information in an empowering fashion.
Rob Isaacs
Co-Founder of The Pivot Plant, Jan 2021
Imagine walking through the world for decades with your eyes closed. That's what it felt like after completing this course. In just 5 mornings, the incredible FF team fluently introduced the class to complex concepts around structural oppression and inequity, and helped us understand why and how we live in a world where this is allowed to exist. Then the practical part: how we can design to address these issues. If you are committed to doing the work to create positive change in your company or community, I thoroughly recommend this course. Lessons for life.
Nikhil Shah
Cofounder at MixCloud, Jan 2021
I really valued learning the construct for understanding and tracing back systemic 'isms' back to their origins. Also hearing the perspectives of the other participants, several of whom were D&I experts, was super beneficial. I and the others from my company who were also on the course have shared a topline summary of our learnings to the company and have kicked off a conversation with the people team about quick wins and longer-term projects to build and amend policies and processes with inclusion front of mind.
Diane Perlman, London
CMO, October 2020
I highly recommend the Fearless Futures “Design for Inclusion” course. Over the 3-days I gained a better understanding of my own privilege, the power of social systems, who gets marginalised and how real and relevant this remains today - in society broadly and critically within our organisations. I consider myself a well-educated and informed individual on the topic of diversity and inclusion, however this workshop challenged my preconceived ideas about how to effectively advance the inclusion agenda and deliver real outcomes. I walked away with new found insights and a deeper understanding of the more fundamental issues that need addressing. Through the workshop I feel better equipped in my role, to notice and speak to those issues and advocate for the changes that will have real and sustainable impact, not just good intent. I consider this a critical workshop for anyone in a D&I role”.
Diversity & Inclusion Practitioner, Investment Banking