LEAD Programme

LEAD stands for Leading for Equity and Diversity and is our flagship management training programme.

This programme supports leaders in organisations to grow their capabilities to lead inclusively and in a way that is anti- inequities, using our unique principles and method.

It focuses on the behaviours, actions, ideas and ways in which leaders and managers can both tackle the micro and macro issues that prevent inclusion in their teams and organisations as well as giving them the personal tools to build a clear path to an alternative future.


The LEAD Programme takes place over 2 days and has a built in follow up half-day three months after the main course to enhance sustainability and impact of the work covered.

You Will Leave With:

  • A deep and contextualised understanding of inequities in relation to your team members
  • A strong capability to more meaningfully empathise with the struggles of colleagues – even when you do not experience the struggle yourself
  • The tools to lead a culture of equity and diversity
  • Impactful strategies and practices to deploy with your  team to tackle inequities

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