Introductory Workshop

The most compelling way to understand our approach is to invite us to deliver an introductory workshop (for up to 20 people). It will introduce new concepts and approaches to exploring inequities in your organisation.

What Can I Expect from an Introductory Workshop?

Our participant-led approach will ground the education in the lived experiences of those in the room, enhancing relevance and applicability. This will deploy our intersectional approach, though we can anchor it in a particular issue.

For example:

  • An introduction to power and privilege;
  • Masculinities: How do they inform our organisational culture?;
  • What’s race got to do with it? Race and culture in our organisation

We are open to crafting a workshop that focuses on the angle you’re particularly interested in exploring.


2 hours

You Will Leave With:

  • Heightened awareness and understanding of inequalities and exclusion and how these affect your colleagues and work culture
  • Feeling of being positively challenged

Get In Touch

Email us for more information on an introductory course for your workplace.

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