Program Accessibility

Fearless Futures is committed to continuously disrupting inequity in our programmes and therefore we have a comprehensive approach to accessibility at each stage of our onboarding process and delivery.

In all communications:

All of our materials and communications documents are on a low-contrast grey background.



During programme planning stage:


  • We provide resources before our programmes to remove barriers and let participants know what to expect, how they can contribute, and how many breaks to expect.
  • We are able to arrange a sign interpreter for our workshops.
  • We are able to provide resources in a larger print when required.We share accessibility information for your reference during our onboarding process to share with participants.
  • We share an accessibility questionnaire so that our facilitators are aware of how we can adjust their facilitation for specific participants.

During the programme:

  •  All of our images in our programmes have image descriptions to make them screen-reader friendly.
  • Wherever possible we use AI captioning in our programmes – we recommend Zoom as our preferred platform as it allows participants to opt in or out of captioning.
  • Participants are able to step away when needed during our programmes – we ask that you let our facilitators know in the chat so they don’t ask you a question!
  • Participants are able to interact through the chatbox, verbally, or via the emojis where available.
  • We always have one 10 minute break in a 2 hour workshop and two 10 minute breaks in a 4 hour session. Your facilitator will provide you with more information on when you can expect these.
  • Our facilitators are contactable via the chat during the programme for anything that might crop up during delivery.