Design for Inclusion

Henry Ford famously said “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse”. As with anything, any product or strategy will only be as ambitious as the knowledge of the group designing it, and limited by what they don’t know that they don’t know. Often, endeavours to make our products, polices or processes more inclusive fall into this trap.

Conversely, through our Design for Inclusion programme you will be able to create the fast (and environmentally friendly!) car version of what it means to build a truly and deeply inclusive product or process, rather than just opting for a ‘faster horse’.

The Design for Inclusion (DFI) programme is applicable to senior leaders across sectors with a strategic responsibility for inclusion (executive sponsors of D&I, Heads of Product, HRBPs etc). It’s also for those on the frontline of new technology such as machine learning, who wish to remove algorithmic bias from their products/services. Or creative teams who want to increase market share by authentically increasing representation across their internal teams as well as in their creative output.


DFI takes place over 3.5 days and has a built in follow up half-day three months after the main course to enhance sustainability, accountability and help embed the impact of the work. Yes, 3.5 days is a long time! However, it is necessary given the complexity and scale of the issues. We give time to and prioritise those issues which are important to us, after all.

What Can I Expect from a DFI Course?

Our Design for Inclusion programme unites human-centred design with much needed critical approaches to inequalities, power and privilege for those creators, builders and designers of internal cultures, policies, products and services.

Where can I attend a DFI Course?

We deliver this programme for in-house teams around the world in cohorts of 10-12 people, and also as an open programme, for leaders from a range of organisations to grow their capabilities together, and drive deep change.

Our next open DFI dates are:

21st – 25th September London programme info, testimonials & booking  

12th – 16th October New York programme info, testimonials & booking

You will leave with the tools to:

  • Accelerate change that actually makes an impact across your organisation, rather than piecemeal approaches
  • Challenge interconnected inequalities, rather than conventional siloed thinking (much more resource efficient!)
  • Deploy a flexible and sophisticated framework that interrupts the status quo during the whywhatwho and how of design
  • Implement a transformative strategy to take forward and test in your organisation

The process for the programme is:

To discover more, watch this video of previous Design for Inclusion participants’ experiences.

Get In Touch

Email us for more information – we’d love to talk through the options for how we can deliver a training course at your workplace or give you details of our next open programme for people across organisations.