Online Platform


  • We use Webex or Zoom for our virtual programmes. 
  • Our programmes use meeting IDs and passwords for security. Please do not share these details with anyone outside of your programme cohort.


  • Please mute your microphone when not speaking to limit extraneous noise.
  • If possible, please use headphones to limit the feedback loop.
  • To limit speaking over one another – you can use the raise hand or chat box function. We will share a download of the chat with you at the end of the programme.
  • Please ensure you are in a brightly lit space so that your face can be seen clearly to help those who may be lip reading.  
  • If you are not able to, or uncomfortable with, having your camera on, please use the chat box function to engage in the learning.


  • All slide decks and documents will have a minimum font size of 12+.
  • All learning resources will have a grey background
  • All images on slides will be fully explained, verbally. 
  • Our slide decks and resources do not use any flashing images. 
  • Some of our programming uses short video content that is fully captioned. 



  • At this time, our programmes are not signed as default. Please do contact us directly if you require a signer at As a third party provides this service for us, we would appreciate two weeks prior notice.
  • Our programmes are delivered in English only. Some of the language used is complex – so we supply definitions throughout on the slides or in the chat box. If you would like further support on the language used in the programme, do not hesitate to privately message your facilitator/producer during the programme and they will support you as best they can. 
  • Unfortunately we do not provide braille resources at this time. 

Processing Time 

  • You will have access to all slide decks and resources used in the programme so can process information at a different pace to others, if required. 
  • The pace of our programmes is relatively fast – as we hope to create strong and deep new ways of being and doing when it comes to active inclusion and equity. However, we expect participants to re-engage with the concepts and activities of the programme afterwards and so encourage you to work at your own pace. 



  • There is no necessary physical movement in our virtual programmes. 
  • There is no pressure to contribute verbally during our programmes – you can contribute via the chat box if you feel more comfortable doing so. 

Live Captioning

  • Wherever possible, we caption our workshops using AI captioning in English. Where something is incorrect, please alert our facilitators and they will clarify verbally or via the chat box.

Time Out

  • There will be regular short breaks throughout the programme. 
    • In a two hour workshop there will be one ten minute break. 
    • In a four hour workshop there will be at least two ten minute breaks. 
  • Participants are always welcome to step away from the workshop if they need to (for their wellbeing, worship or family needs, for example), we only ask that you notify the facilitators via the chat box. 

Further information

If there are additional default barriers to participation that we can remove, or questions you have for us, please email and we’ll do what we can to support.