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We are hiring organisational facilitators (Trailblazers) in London!

We’re looking for experienced, engaging and highly-effective equities and anti-oppression facilitators to deliver our highly innovative and impactful equities and inclusion programmes in organisations.

Fearless Futures uniquely works within organisations, from global corporations to public sector service deliverers, to engage people in critical thinking to understand and challenge the root causes of inequities and to grow powerful new leadership for transformative change.

Salary: rates of pay differ depending on the structure, length of the programme, and the client. Therefore, facilitators can expect to be paid between £175 – £500 per day.

Location: Variable, in London

Role Type: Freelance

Start date: August 2018

Interview Date: 30th May

Training Dates: 9th and 10th July


What will the role involve?

  • Our organisational facilitators are responsible for engagingly, impactfully and professionally delivering highly discursive, emotionally challenging and experiential organisational training.
  • This delivery could be a one-off 2 hour workshop or 3.5 consecutive days of training, and is drawn from unique and bespoke Fearless Futures content.
  • Organisational facilitators are also responsible for certain administrative, preparatory and logistical tasks relating to the successful running of an organisational workshop/programme. This will include the management and transportation of any resources required.

Where will the role be?

The role will span across London and may occasionally be elsewhere in the UK or beyond (any necessary travel and/or accommodation outside of London is covered by Fearless Futures/our clients).

Who are we looking for?

  • Strong reliability and professionalism
  • Experience of successfully delivering engaging, expert equities learning episodes
  • The ability to create safe and courageous learning spaces
  • Emotional awareness and the ability to create positive learning spaces and the complex emotions of a group of learners – through laughter, tears, anger, defensiveness etc (and to hold your own emotions to make space for others in this process)
  • Understanding of power, privilege and systems of oppression – conceptually and as lived realities
  • Engagement with challenging the status quo on gender, class, race, sexuality, disability, faith and other anti-oppression issues
  • The ability to support the thinking of adults in an engaging, expert and deeply educative way
  • Flexibility in facilitation and the ability to change direction when the situation requires it
  • Courage to face problems and conflicts between participants head on, to create a meaningful resolution
  • Open to feedback and developing your capacities and skills
  • Creativity in the face of challenges and unexpected logistical issues
  • Strong communication skills, including the ability to be warm yet challenging, and the ability to critically question to further learning
  • Organised and prepared, with good time-awareness
  • Able to complete administrative and logistical tasks swiftly and to a high standard
  • A can-do, positive attitude to making our organisational work transformative and fun!
  • Equity – we are committed to advancing deep and meaningful equity and inclusion – so all spaces of work are spaces of belonging and opportunity for all.
  • Intersectionality – our approach always strives to honor the ways oppression and inequities interconnect in individual’s lived realities.
  • Commitment – it takes commitment to the cause to be an incredible facilitator and to respond with the flexibility and pace needed to make bespoke programmes/events a success.
  • Reflection – delivering high impact qualities programme/events requires reflection on your practice as well as a real openness to feedback and improvement.

How to apply?

Please text or whatsapp a short voice recording (2 minutes maximum) to 07590295129 explaining either intersectionality or privilege to an adult in a corporate context. It can be recorded on a phone/laptop. Please also complete this short personal information survey. The deadline for this is 5pm, 24th May 2018.  To make a voice recording, you can use the voice recording mechanism on a smartphone and email it over. We will not be assessing how snazzy your voice editing is at all, so please don’t spend any time editing. Rather we’re only interested in you delivering engaging and clear communication. Please use the same mobile number in the information survey as the number you send the recording from, as we do not ask for your email or name at this stage of the application. We will use your mobile number to identify you

We will be in touch with you about the success of your application by 25th May.

If you do not have a phone or laptop to create a voice recording, please do not worry. Simply contact and you can apply via our application form instead.

If you have any other questions regarding the role, please contact

What is the recruitment process for this role?

24th May at 5pm Deadline for application submissions (both form and voice recording)
25th May Candidates informed if they are taken to the next stage
30th May 25 minute Assessment Centre at Goldsmiths
1st June Successful candidates informed
9th and 10th July 2 days of group training – venue TBC
August onwards Facilitation expected to begin

This role is open to everyone.

If you have any other questions regarding the role, please contact


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