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We are hiring a Chief Operating Officer! Join us!

Please note that we will interview as applicants apply, and reserve the right to close the application process at any time, so please apply as soon as possible. The final set closing date for applications is 4pm on Tuesday 6th February 2018.

Fearless Futures

Fearless Futures engages people in critical thought to understand and challenge the root causes of inequities and to grow powerful new ways of leading transformative change.

We do this through equity and leadership programmes for young people in schools and people in the workplace.

At our core, we are an education organisation. We have varied external stakeholders, including school leaders and teachers, members of the wider educational leadership community, as well as other third sector partners. We also work with CEOs, business leaders and organisational founders across the private sector.

After the appointment of our new COO, we will be a team of four: CEO and Founder, Hanna Naima McCloskey; COO; Director of Programmes, Sara Shahvisi, and Programmes and Team Assistant, Kayalveli Sivakanthan. We also have a freelance team of over 30 expert facilitators who support our workshop delivery.

Working With Us

We are searching for a new COO to lead on operations across both of our work streams: schools and organisations. As a startup that has existed for just over three years, we are an exciting, dynamic team who work tirelessly to end inequities across our society. We have a flat structure, and we support and manage one another through collaboration, compassion and openness.

The successful candidate will need to be highly computer literate, and able to quickly pick up new ways of working with a range of software systems including Google docs, Google Drive, task management in Asana, the CRM Hubspot, online contracting via HelloSign and accountancy using Xero.

You will need to be keen to work in a startup setting with all of the challenges that can bring, and be happy to get stuck in to lots of different tasks on a daily basis. In addition, a strong commitment to our anti-oppression values and action is a must.

The key areas of work are below:

  • Education programme/project management: you will oversee all of our schools programmes, taking control of the high-level relationships with school leaders and supporting our Programmes team to deliver high quality school programmes across the country. Classic project management skills will be helpful: organisation, logistics, coordination, scheduling.
  • Strategy / long-term planning: in conjunction with the rest of the team, you will be able to engage in conversations around Fearless Futures’ aims and contribute ideas on how to get there and lead on the operational mechanics to make it happen
  • Business development / sales: you will meet with potential school clients and convert them to believing in Fearless Futures’ mission through your passion and your ability to understand their needs for their pupils
  • Line management: you will line manage our Programmes and Team Assistant, supporting her to support the team, and to deliver high quality programmes. You will also oversee the 20 in-school facilitators who are freelance. You should be excited to support in the development of people.
  • Spreadsheet and database management: you will be able to use a spreadsheet (including basic formulas) and to understand how a database works, as this will allow you to problem solve more easily and for Fearless Futures to move quickly from strategy to execution.
  • Budget management / financial tracking: although the ability to create financial models would be great, we just have the expectation that you can manage a budget, and understand how to track the finances of a project or programme. This takes numerical literacy and the ability to use a spreadsheet.
  • Impact measurement: you will oversee the measurement of the impact of programmes across the schools and organisations space. These systems are set up, but you will need to have a good eye for detail and be able to take data and turn it into a clear and easily understandable report for our clients.
  • Lucrative and successful partnership creation and negotiation with external organisations: you will be smart in the way you see our relationships with other organisations, finding opportunities to partner with others for mutual benefit and negotiating great deals for Fearless Futures on everything from office space and venue hire to referral fees.
  • HR systems (including onboarding, performance review processes, hiring): you will have a sense of what it takes to train a new member of staff and run a good induction process as well as being able to articulate and plan for a positive performance review process.

*Please note: this is not exhaustive, and the exact programme of work will be developed collaboratively based on the successful candidate’s experience, interests and capabilities.

**We do not believe every person has to be highly competent at all of these skills to do the job, but we are interested to hear what you think you are best at and where you might need more training. If you are up for the challenge – please apply!

How To Apply

Please fill out this form to apply. The questions are below, so you can prepare them and copy and paste them in, if you like.

We will interview as applicants apply, and reserve the right to close the application process at any time, so please apply as soon as possible. The final set closing date for applications is 4pm on Tuesday 6th February 2018.

Please do not send us CVs or letters of application. We are a social justice organisation and as such strive to live our values. We reject discrimination and inequality in all forms, and as such the initial screening process will maintain anonymity of name, age and educational history. We ask you not to include any of this information in your responses. We do not ask for your email, only your phone number to ensure the anonymity is maintained until we meet you in person. We will contact you via text message if you have been successful in the application round and we would like you to attend the assessment stage of the process, at which point we will ask you to tell us about any access requirements you have so that we can make adjustments to the assessment process.

We specifically encourage applications from marginalised communities.

As an employer we make all reasonable adjustments to support employees in their work if they are disabled or have a health condition. We encourage you to read about the government’s Access to Work scheme which could provide you with financial support to get the help you need to do all tasks successfully.

If you do not hear from us by Wednesday 14th February 2018 then please assume you have not been successful beyond the application round.

The assessment round will be composed of a first-round interview (competency-based questions and a presentation on your first 100 days at Fearless Futures), and a second-round interview (collaborative task with CEO and Director of Programmes and a sales presentation to a school).

Contract Information

We would like the COO to start in March 2018 or as close as possible.

This is a full-time, permanent contract. The successful candidate will be based in London. The salary range offered is £32-35,000 per annum subject to experience. This role will receive 25 holiday days, plus all UK public holidays.

Remote or flexible working is a possibility within the Greater London area. The current team meet and work regularly at our Spitalfields offices and occasionally work from home, and regular in person meetings throughout London and the UK will be a requirement of this role. Some travel within the UK will be necessary to work with our schools in the north west, north east and west midlands.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, would like a brief and confidential discussion about the role, or do not have a mobile phone number to give, please contact our current COO, Rachael Curzons by email to arrange a time to speak.

Questions for Application Form

You will be required to answer all of the questions in the form.

  • Mobile Phone number
  • Work Experience
    • Organisation name
    • Dates Employed
    • Role/Job Title
    • Brief overview of role/responsibilities
    • Achievement you are most proud of (optional)

Competency Ratings tell us whether you rate yourself to be: ‘highly competent’, ‘average’, ‘not very competent’, ‘never had the opportunity/experience’, ‘competent through experience outside of the workplace’, in relation to various skills. There will also be an opportunity for you to comment if you believe yourself ‘highly competent’ at something, or if your experience is outside of the workplace.

The competencies are:

    • (Education) programme management
    • Business development / sales
    • Line management
    • Spreadsheet and database management
    • Budget management / financial tracking
    • Impact measurement
    • Building and managing successful relationships with external stakeholders
    • HR systems (including onboarding, performance review processes, hiring)
  • Explain to us what you believe makes Fearless Futures’ work unique?
  • What is your notice period?
  • Do you have any accessibility needs that you would like to share with us now? (you will be offered the opportunity to share this again ahead of the assessment if you are selected for that round, and you would prefer to keep this information confidential until you are selected)

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