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The Gender Assembly, 8th November 2017

In a moment when several prominent public figures are accused of misogyny and sexism, we are asking educators, policy makers and journalists to gather at The Gender Assembly. Now is the time to engage in a discussion that asks: ‘what is the problem?’ and ‘how do we solve it through advancing gender equality in schools?’

Join a vibrant and energised community working proactively to address gender inequality in education at The Gender Assembly 2017, on Wednesday 8th November on 10th floor of Pearson’s offices on the Strand, London EC4Y 1AU.

We’ll be exploring how gender informs and impacts school issues involving student behaviour, attainment, well-being, (post-school) destinations, relationships and teaching and learning. The conference will involve engaging:

  • Workshops on masculinities, and sexual harassment in schools;
  • Panel discussions with experts from Stonewall, the NEU, WomenEd and Good Lad;
  • Keynote speakers, including Professor Becky Francis, Director of UCL Institute of Education; and Sam Freedman, TeachFirst;
  • The opportunity to strategise for best practice.

Participants will leave with a rich toolkit to immediately create change in their schools and organisational practice to address issues of gender inequality.

Journalists will have an unprecedented opportunity to hear from experts as well as those on the ground in schools to engage with the live issues of gender inequality for young people and educators today.

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