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We support social innovation at Collectively!

We were thrilled to participate by running a workshop on day one of Collectively‘s collective action incubator on July 19th. Important to any design process – particularly when the goal itself is to challenge inequalities – is to grow our capacity to understand how power inequities shape how we inhabit the world and to be accountable for our privilege. This is because both these inform what we consider important (and therefore what we seek to design) and how we engage with others (or colleagues and users). None of us are neutral. For 100 people from Unilever and M&S alongside individual activists, change makers and folks committed to developing their skills to make a difference – when someone has mentioned James Baldwin by 11am, you know you’re in the zone of deep reflection! <3

Thanks to the Collectively team for inviting us and for the engagement and focus of the participants, especially when it got hard!

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