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Fearless Futures supporting TeachFirst teachers #TFSI2017

During the TeachFirst Summer Institute, we ran a powerful workshop for new teachers, supporting them with skills to embed equalities intentionally into their practice.

We have started teacher training this summer term more widely too.

In the wake of recent social and political change, we have seen the increasing normalisation and heightening of xenophobic, misogynistic, homophobic rhetoric (and action) in the UK and beyond. Educators must be able to move swiftly and adeptly to resist this disturbing trend and equip their students to challenge and disrupt intolerance and division in their own communities.

From classroom teaching to the design of school-wide policies to engaging with parents and carers – education professionals have the opportunity and responsibility to build cohesive and cognisant school communities that consistently and meaningfully live the values of equality, diversity and inclusion.

However, such communities cannot be created overnight. They cannot be created without deep reflection, critical engagement and importantly – a commitment to unlearning inequality. While there may be a temptation to see issues of equalities, diversity and inclusivity as ‘add-on’s or ‘nice to haves’ – to robustly build communities of belonging and opportunity for all – we need to see this work embedded in all that educators and school leaders do. We need equalities, diversity and inclusion to be the foundation upon and against which all else within the school ecosystem is enacted and evaluated.

We are excited to bring our unique education to educators and look forward to sharing our growing movement for change!

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