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Hiring Manchester Trailblazers!

Who are Fearless Futures? Fearless Futures engages people in critical thought to understand and challenge the root causes of inequalities and grow powerful new ways of leading transformative change.

Our participative and experiential programmes develop a range of capabilities and knowledge in young women, including:

  • Courage
  • Critical thinking
  • Meta-cognition
  • Self esteem
  • Understanding of power and privilege
  • Leadership

What will the Trailblazer role (in-school facilitator) involve?

Trailblazers are responsible for engagingly and professionally delivering highly discursive and experiential school programmes for young women. This delivery takes place in 90 minute instalments each week for 8, 14 or 18 workshops depending on the programme selected by the school, and is drawn from the unique Fearless Futures curriculum. Trailblazers are also responsible for some minor administrative tasks to aid the successful running of the programme.

Where will the role be?


Who are we looking for?

In order to complete this work, you must be available for the training dates noted below and have a flexible/freelance schedule from September 2017- February/March 2018.

  • Strong reliability and professionalism
  • Knowledge of intersectional gender theory/issues
  • The ability to support the thinking and behaviour of young people in an engaging and educative way
  • Flexibility in facilitation and the ability to change direction when the situation/discussion requires it
  • Courage and creativity
  • Strong communication skills
  • Equality – we are committed to advancing gender equality and supporting work on challenging intersecting inequalities, we hope you are too!
  • Commitment – it takes commitment to the cause and to the young women we serve to be an incredible Trailblazer.
  • Reflection – delivering high impact qualities programme requires reflection on your practice as well as a real openness to feedback and improvement


What is the recruitment process for this role?

6th August at 8pm Deadline for application submissions
Evening 7th August Shortlisted candidates informed
10th August 45 minute Assessment Centre – venue TBC in central Manchester
18th – 20th August inclusive 3 days of group training for those successful – venue TBC in London
30th August 1.5 hour individual Skype call
Early-September onwards Trailblazing expected to begin

What is the payment for this role?

This is work for those with flexible or freelance schedules.

We pay £20 per hour

  • Per workshop we pay for 1.5 hours of delivery plus 1.5 hours of preparation
  • We also pay £5 towards travel costs

There are either 14 or 18 workshops per programme depending on the programme selected by the schools. You will be assigned to a programme and will lead it from beginning to end.

How do I apply?

  • Video: Please send a short video (5 minutes maximum) to explaining intersectionality or privilege to a 14/15 year old. You can create this video by simply talking directly into a smart phone’s video, for example. We will not be assessing how snazzy your video editing is at all, so please don’t spend any time on that. Rather we’re only interested in engaging communication. You may need to use a free service like WeTransfer to send us the file depending on its size.
  • Application form: Please send the video along with completing this short personal information survey. The deadline for everything is 9pm, 6th August.
  • I don’t have a smart phone or video-making access! If you do not, please do not worry. You will only need to apply via this application form instead for the entirety of the application.

If you have any other questions regarding the role, please contact

This role is for self-identifying women. This role falls within the exemption criteria under Section 9 of the Equality Act 2010

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