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Fearless Futures speak at #Media360 conference – and shine!

The Media360 conference unites the the most senior and influential professionals across the full spectrum of media in one place.

Hanna (our CEO) and Priya (our Learning Designer & Facilitator) gave a talk on how we must unpack and discover the power, privilege and inequalities that exist within and around us every day. They also went on to explore how advertisers, brands and creatives must bring intentionaliy to the design process to ensure that all our designs and creations seek to actively dismantle inequalities, rather than remaining neutral to the status quo.

The talk was extremely well received! The organisers said: “Hanna and Priya were brilliant – such a powerful and important talk and left everyone thinking / questioning.” You can see some other participants’ responses below:


This talk was a snippet into our #DesignforInclusion programme. Designing for Inclusion unites the worlds of human-centred design with much needed critical approaches to power, privilege and inequalities. It’s a transformative and pioneering approach, that will support teams and organisations across industries.

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