Who We Are

We are a team of inspiring, passionate, innovative and creative people committed to a gender equal future with all young women fearlessly leading in our world.




HANNA NAIMA MCCLOSKEY is of Algerian-British heritage and the Founder & CEO of Fearless Futures. She has worked for the UN, NGOs and the Royal Bank of Scotland, across communications, research and finance roles; and has lived, studied and worked in Israel-Palestine, Italy, USA, Sudan, Syria and the UK. She has a BA in English from the University of Cambridge and an MA in International Relations from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, with a specialism in Conflict Management. Hanna is an expert in inequality and leadership, having dedicated the last seven years to researching, living and exploring the literature and practice of creating socially just, empowered and inclusive communities and workplaces. Hanna also leads on our work to bring anti-discrimination and intersectionality to design, which she does in collaboration with our colleague Priya.


Sara Shavisi




SARA SHAHVISI is a former teacher in inner-city state schools and her expertise lies in pedagogy, research, social policy and facilitation. Alongside programme leadership, she is responsible for ensuring high quality delivery from our facilitators. She is brilliant at facilitating complex concepts for groups of young people and adults alike and creating transformational learning experiences. Alongside her BA in Politics, Psychology and Sociology from University of Cambridge, she has an MSc in Social Policy from the London School of Economics.




KAYALVELI NORMA SIVAKANTHAN is the Programmes & Team Assistant for Fearless Futures. She is of Sri Lankan heritage. Kaya joins Fearless Futures from an internship at Action Against Hunger. Kaya's interest in intersectional gender equity heightened after her completion of Fearless Futures’ Gender Equality Accelerator in 2015. She used this knowledge, combined with existing experiences to work alongside young people, coaching disadvantaged secondary school students to reach their full potential. Before joining Fearless Futures, Kaya also volunteered for a wide range of high profile NGOs alongside completing her BSc in Psychology at Brunel University London in 2017.



ALI HENDY is the COO at Fearless Futures. Her expertise lies in delivering excellent programmes to young people, organisational change management and finding ways to make internal processes zip along at lightning speed. At the heart of her work is a journey in understanding issues of social justice and anti-discrimination, and to embed transnational, intersectional feminism thinking into everything she delivers. She has worked in the gender equality space for the last three years, and before that in youth work for a national charity. She is in her element when developing and managing large scale programmes, and ensuring that the Fearless Futures community have all the operational support they need. Alongside her BA in English from University of Birmingham, she has an M.St in English Literature, specialising in Humanitarian literature, from University of Oxford.


Our Trailblazers are the amazing women who run our in-school programmes.

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