What We Know: The Business Case

The most successful and just organisations – whether businesses, non-profits, public services – all have equalities and equities at their heart.

Alongside being an employer of choice, attracting the best talent, being a happy place to work and increasing your creativity and innovation, there are explicit financial benefits from doing the right thing:

  1. Gender equality positively correlates with performance

    Companies with three or more women on their boards significantly outperform those with sustained low representation by 84% on return on sales, 60% on return on invested capital, and 46% on return on equity. (Source: Catalyst)

  2. Valuing difference results in more effective leadership

    The four most effective behaviours to enable us to address future global challenges – intellectual stimulation, inspiration, participatory decision-making, and setting of expectations and rewards – are most commonly found among women. (Source: McKinsey)

  3. Diversity underpins sustained growth

    Companies that create cultures of integration, shared learning perspectives and a place where people can bring their whole self to work drive sustained performance. This is particularly so with respect to race. (Source: Harvard Business School)

  4. Inclusion increases market share

    Women constitute the largest emerging consumer market and will represent the driving force behind the vast majority of consumer purchases, even in industries with traditionally male buyers. (Source: EY)