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Fawcett Society, Spirit of Women 2012 and FF team up!

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The fact is that twice as many young women are NEET as young men. And they are NEET for longer. This is despite girls, on average, doing better in school.

We are really excited to let you know that Fearless Futures has been awarded funding by the Fawcett Society and Spirit of Women 2012 to subsidise our impactful multi-week programmes for young women in school.

Who are we at Fearless Futures?

Fearless Futures engages people in critical thought to understand and challenge the root causes of inequalities and grow powerful new ways of leading transformative change.  We do this through equality and leadership programmes for young women in schools.

What skills do our programmes develop?

Critical thinking, metacognition, courage, leadership and the skills to use experiences of disadvantage as a powerful resource for personal success and social change. Schools see improvements in both confidence and attainment after our programmes.


Two groups of 12 young women, 18 intensive workshops between September 2017 and end of February 2018, and delivering peer led workshops to over 100 younger peers (boys and girls!) across your school.

If you’re interested in this programme for your school, please get in touch with before the end of June 2017.

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