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Design Thinking expert to facilitate our Gender Equality Accelerator


What is the Gender Equality Accelerator?

The Gender Equality Accelerator (GEA) will be an amazing opportunity for young women and men between 16 and 20 years old to put their knowledge of gender and intersecting inequalities and leadership skills into action to create real solutions to real world problems and in doing so accelerate the pace of positive change!

Participants will have previously completed Fearless Futures or Great Men programmes and will get a chance to further develop problem-solving, collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills – in the world’s first ever accelerator of its kind.


What will we be doing?

During the 6 days of the GEA, we will be tackling problems as diverse as violence against women and girls, masculinities and emotions, work experience issues, body image, the under-representation of identities in the media and young people’s participation in democracy. During the workshop we will be providing broad themes for young women and men to work with as well as answering real briefs from real organizations focusing on these issues. The outputs created by participants may include viral videos, social media campaigns or apps and other technology-supported services. In order to ensure that the solutions we create are as inclusive as possible across race, gender, class, sexuality and ability, we’ll be running a two day refresher on the weekend before the GEA.


Why should I get involved?

This is a unique opportunity to support young people to feel empowered about making a change in society, develop crucial transferable skills and meet peers to keep challenging gender inequalities together!

Are you looking for a chance to use your skills for a great cause, test your ideas with young people and be part of the world’s first Gender Equality Accelerator?

We are looking for a Design Thinking expert to facilitate the 6 days of the GEA.

Your main duties will be:

  • Introducing the concepts of Human-centered design and how this approach can be used to create innovative and effective solutions for social change
  • Ensuring a flow of the GEA that allows young participants to move smoothly throughout the process of Ideation/Testing/Prototyping
  • Facilitating the 6 days of workshop together with speakers presenting specific expertise
  • Supporting participants (together with our team and with facilitators) in creating solutions to 4 real life problem briefs provided by 4 organisations
  • Collaborating with the team to ensure the goals of the GEA are met:
    • Participants learn about gender through an intersectional lens and through their own lived experience;
    • Participants activate their own experiential learning by creating practical outputs solving real life challenges;
    • Participants form part of a cohort of socially and politically minded peers to create positive change with.


Your skills:

  • You have experience facilitating groups and guiding idea generation processes
  • You have a working knowledge of Human-Centered-Design approaches
  • You believe in feminist values
  • You consider yourself a person with good interpersonal skills and you’re looking forward to engaging with talented and motivated young people
  • You have an adaptive mind and can ensure a smooth and calm running of the workshop in case of last minute changes
  • You are able to work collaboratively with the team


Let’s talk practicalities

  • The dates of the GEA will be 15th, 17th, 19th, 22nd, 24th, 26th August in Central London
  • You will be working alongside Fearless Futures and the Great Initiative team over two days prior to the GEA to contribute to the design of the GEA and ensure delivery techniques are suitable for young participants
  • Fearless Futures and The Great Initiative will be holding two separate two-day refreshers on 10th and 11th August for young participants to get their heads back into exploring the topics. It would be great if you could attend these sessions as well.
  • The budget for this role is £1000 on a freelance contract.

If this is you, or someone you know, then please pass it on and get in touch! Please send us your CV together with 500 words AS SOON AS POSSIBLE outlining your experience for this role.

We are also looking for people with expertise in specific areas to volunteer to help young people focus their vision and create tangible exciting outputs. Check out the call for volunteers here.


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