We are the only organisation in the UK working with girls and young women with a direct focus on gender and leadership.



In providing support, encouragement and peer mentoring, Fearless Futures seeks to empower young women to become leaders in our society. Through an innovative leadership programme, the organisation not only offers a distinctive method of developing confidence and skills, but also empowers participants to develop a unique perspective on their broader role in advancing the case for women's equality in all parts of the world.

Rushanara Ali MP


Because our society does not afford girls the status, opportunities, representation or power that they deserve.

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Innovative leadership development programmes for girls and young women with peer-power at their core.

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Our impact


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Gender injustice is so embedded in our society and our world, that sometimes we stop seeing it. It’s time to wake up, give ourselves a shake and confront those content with the status quo.

Shami Chakrabarti

The Five Whys of Fearless Futures

  1. Because our society still does not afford girls and women the status, power, freedom, opportunities or representation that they deserve.
  2. Because gender is an embedded and limiting injustice that impacts each of us every day and everywhere. We are all about fixing the system, not fixing the girls.
  3. Because creating a gender equal world is about more than an individual’s confidence – it’s about understanding gender and the ways it impacts us and then discovering our courage and confidence to challenge injustices.
  4. Because we need to change the face of leadership. The problems humanity faces are complex and we need equal, creative, bold and fearless leadership to solve them.
  5. Because we believe in the power of peers to shape a movement that amplifies young women’s voices, participation and leadership.

Power is not given to you. You have to take it.


What We Do

Fearless Futures equips young women with tools to understand gender as well as individual and societal barriers to women’s equality. Then we support and train these young women to lead workshops with the same aim for groups of younger girls in their schools. Peer power!

Our practical and interactive programmes explore four concepts:

  • Individual barriers to fulfilling our potential: understanding our fears and challenging them; stepping out of our comfort zone; recognising our value and worth
  • Systemic barriers to women’s advancement in the UK and globally: everything from the media through to political representation to unequal pay
  • Understanding and disrupting gender stereotypes (as they pertain to career pathways, for example)
  • Actualising leadership: by teaching and empowering a community of younger girls in their school

We also support and encourage participants to engage in additional projects. Previous alumna have spontaneously launched a research project on the lack of girls studying Physics A Level in their school. They delivered a presentation on the completed project to the school governors and SLT with solution recommendations and are working with the school to implement a number of their ideas.

Our in-school programmes:

Peer Power

8 workshops

  • Core Programme: Fearless Futures trainer (Trailblazer) leads 12 x Game-changers (typically from sixth form or year 11) in 8 in-school workshops of 90 minutes each week.
  • Peer Workshop: In week 5, the Game-changers co-create a workshop, based on their learnings and experiences of the programme for their younger peers, that they deliver in week 6, to 30 younger girls (Pioneers) in the school.
  • Girls impacted: 12 Game-Changers reach 30 Pioneers.

Peer-Power Multiplier

13 workshops

  • Core Programme: Fearless Futures trainer (Trailblazer) leads 12 Game-Changers (typically from sixth form or year 11) in 8 in-school workshops of 90 minutes each week.
  • After-School Peer Workshops: In addition, the Game-Changers are paired and each pair leads 5 x 90min workshops in weeks 4–8, with Fearless Futures supervision, for 12 younger girls in the school (Pioneers).
  • Girls impacted: 12 Game-changers reach 72 Pioneers.

We also run impactful programmes for young women at university level and for employees in their early-mid careers. We always tailor our powerful and unique approach to your context. So if you are an organisation committed to your young women's long-term development and leadership, then please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss how we may serve your needs.

Don’t ever underestimate the importance you can have, because history has shown us that courage can be contagious and hope can take on a life of its own.

Michelle Obama

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.

Alice Walker